I love you too much to run my team-building workshop for you

I’m looking forward to a conversation with a client tomorrow. He’s a very bright, committed guy and we’ve done excellent work together in the past. But there is one catch, and it’s in the way that services like mine are often contracted. Here’s what I mean.

Tell me if the following conversation rings a bell for you, whether you’re on the client or the consultant side.

Client: “We have an executive retreat coming up and we’re looking for a facilitator. You come highly recommended. Would be you interested? Are you available?”

Consultant: “When is it?”

Client: “Next week.”


Client: “We need a one-day team-building workshop for twenty people. What would you charge and when could you run it?” Continue reading


Old but good article

Here’s an article on the AC from what was then the Bionomics Institute. 

Check it out for a nice basic take on the Action Cycle and its value to organizations.
(As an aside I met the author of Bionomics  and founder of the apparently now-hibernating Bionomics Institute, Michael Rothschild, in London in the mid-90’s.  Smart, warm, engaging guy with a revolutionary and valuable take on organizations and economics. Very worth spending time with if you get the chance, although I’m not sure what he’s up to these days. The book is also outstanding. Thanks to Mike Cooke for introducing me to Michael.)